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    GachaGacha is a manga by Tamakoshi Hiroyuki, published by Shonen Magazine Comics. The title refers to the GachaX2, a high tech virtual reality simulator for game playing.

    There are two stories, "Capsule" and "Secret", so far in the GachaGacha series. This page is dedicated to all 11 volumes of the "Secret" story arc.

    Hatsushiba Akira, an awkward senior highschool boy, has a strong crush on classmate Sakuraba Yurika. But when he gets close to her he always says or does something stupid.

    At the suggestion of his best friend, Kikuchi, Akira enters the GachaGacha machine to play a game, but the machine fritzes out and malfunctions. That night he sneezes while going to bed, and when he wakes up he looks like the female avatar he saw in the GachaX2. He soon learns that sneezing will change him back and forth from his normal self to a female form. As a girl, Akira-chan is able to get close to Sakuraba and become her friend.

    Mangaka's Homepage can be found here:

    DOWNLOAD: A torrrent for volume 6-12 is available here: GachaGacha "Secret" v6-12 [Taruby] .
    Thank you. =)

    Volume 06 Volume 07 Volume 08
    Gachax2 v06 Ch01 Ch02 Ch03 Ch04 Ch05 Gachax2 v07 Ch06 Ch07 Ch08 Ch09 Ch10 Gachax2 v08 Ch11 Ch12 Ch13 Ch14 Ch15
    ISBN# 4063633209 ISBN# 4063633799 ISBN# 4063634531
    Volume 09 Volume 10 Volume 11
    Gachax2 v09 Ch16 Ch17 Ch18 Ch19 Ch20 Gachax2 v10 Ch21 Ch22 Ch23 Ch24 Ch25 Gachax2 v11 Ch26 Ch27 Ch28 Ch29 Ch30 Ch31
    ISBN# 4063635120 ISBN# 406363566X ISBN# 4063636224
    Volume 12 Volume 13 Volume 14
    Gachax2 v12 Ch32 Ch33 Ch34 Ch35 Ch36 Gachax2 v13 Ch37 Ch38 Ch39 Ch40 Mini Gachax2 v14 Ch41 Ch42 Ch43 Ch44 Ch45
    ISBN# 4063636690 ISBN#4063637336 ISBN#4063637913
    Volume 15 Volume 16
    Gachax2 v15 Ch46 Ch47 Ch48 Ch49 Ch50 Gachax2 v16 Ch51 Ch52 Ch53 Ch54 Ch55
    ISBN#4063638529 ISBN#4063639282


    Haceldama - For providing the RAWs for volume 12, 15 and 16, and for his continued support and comments since the beginning.
    Masashi - For images, summary, and information.
    Quincy - For enlightening me in photoshop skills.
    PrinnyX - For being a catalyst for the improvement of my thoughts.
    Xanatos0 - For proofreading and quality-checking.
    Albedo - For informing me that the series continues past volume 10
    Kona - For proofreading and quality-checking.
    Epagien- For hosting everything on his server.
    Gamerkun- For hosting everything on his server, proofreading and quality-checking..
    Krotch- For scanning volume 13 of Gacha Gacha.

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