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    Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Romance, Nekomimi.

    "Neko de Gomen!" is Nagano Akane's first compiled work, serialised in Weekly Shounen Magazine in September 16th 1989, spanning 8 volumes in total. After its initial run, the manga was recompiled into 6 volumes. The scans for this project are from the recompilation, the 8 original cover scans have been graciously provided by Galen.

    Shiraishi Yayoi was a relatively unremarkable school girl, although a little clumsy, before a experimental accident changed her life forever. She was forced against her will by her father, self-proclaimed genius physicist, Shiraishi Sensei into a teleporter with a cat , and like in the movie "The Fly", she combined with the cat.

    Now, whenever she gets excited about anything, a pair of cat ears and a tail pop into existence. In the "catgirl" form, she has super powers, but the major drawback is that she also behaves like a cat when presented with the proper stimuli, like the sight of mice. She also has a boyfriend, but her "problem" tends to interfere in their dates since her excitement inevitably leads to her transformation into a catgirl.

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    Neko de Gomen! v7 Ch43 Ch44 Ch45 Ch46 Neko de Gomen! v8 Ch47 Ch48 Ch49 Ch50 Ch51
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    Galen - For supplying the cover scans of the original eight volumes.
    Haceldama - For supplying me with the RAWs and for quality-checking.
    Kona - For proofreading and quality-checking.
    Mr. Sleep - For proofreading and quality-checking.
    Archer - For proofreading and quality-checking.

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