New: Bishoujo Mahou Senshi Catling ch04; Koi Neko v02 ch11-12; Neko de Gomen v01 ch03-04; Neko Kissa v01 ch05
I come bearing gifts before Secular Family Gift-giving Day. It was quite a risky venture, but I somehow managed.
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Bishoujo Mahou Senshi Catling ch04
After a long hiatus, Nekobyou Neko returns to this series under a new title.

Koi Neko v02 ch11-12
Let's go Cat Hunting~!

Neko de Gomen v01 ch03-04
Hopefully this will break the previous release rate which had an estimated completion at 2030 according to internet user, Sandor.

Neko Kissa v01 ch05
Maya-san is hardcore.

New: Mai-Otome SuperH1-2; Mai-Otome Zwei Comicbook ch06
Well, here's the two extra side-stories included in the Mai-Otome Arashi tankoubon. Also finished a story by Sumino Yuuji that was compiled in the Mai-Otome Zwei Comicbook anthology. For those who don't know, Sumino Yuuji is the one responsible for Okitsune-sama de Chu, which was a project on this site....

Anyway, my main projects will look like this:
Koi Neko (Main)
Neko de Gomen (Alternate)
Neko Kissa (fun diversion)
Kimama ni UpDown (backburner)
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara (currently conquered)

Speaking of Mai-Otome, the first volume of Satou Kenetsu's new serial, Vita Sexualis, is currently out. I'm considering taking this manga up as a project when the Tankoubon RAWs appear online. In any case, feel free to send an e-mail if you happen to find the Tankoubon RAWs so that I may begin work at once.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch13-14
And that's it for the second volume. The third volume is due out in two more days, though the RAWs will probably take a while before they become available.


New: Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch06 [End]
And everyone lived happily ever after.

Updated Ichinensei's page with information concerning the 3rd volume that is due to be released on the 12th of this month. Chapter 13 and 14 are finished and currently in the quality-check stage.

Also, internet user, FKlover, graciously offered to clean the fourth chapter of Catling. So, maybe that project will follow suit. n_n;

New: Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch05
One more chapter to go before the end.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v02 ch12
Nearing the end of the second volume.

Hm, I don't know whether to go finish the last two chapters now, or refocus my efforts on one of my other projects.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v02 ch11
Three more chapters to go until the end of this volume. Apologies for the long wait between releases.

Special thanks to internet user, Galen, for informing me about the upcoming release of the third volume of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara. Its release date is on the 12th of December, which isn't too far off. Galen also took the time to scan the original tankoubon covers for "Neko de Gomen!" in HQ. Yay~! n_n

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v02 ch10
Quite possibly the meanest chapter.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v02 ch09
Another day, another chapter.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara v02 ch08
Finally back to this series. The editing for the 9th chapter is complete, so that chapter will be uploaded a little later.


New: Neko Kissa ch04
Milk becomes famous.

Anonymous sent me the RAWs for the second volume of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara. The 8th chapter is currently undergoing the editing process. XD

Sorry for the long wait.

New: Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch04
The truth about the magical tea is revealed...

New: Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch03
Shino becomes popular...

New: Koi Neko ch09-10
A lovely cat, Miyabi, appears!

Err... when I began editing the second chapter onwards, I thought that I would finish the first volume of Koi Neko by the middle of August, but some motivational issues hindered progress until recently. I'll be focusing on Seijou Kouchakan no Jijiou now.

Until next time~!

New: Koi Neko ch05-08
Some more chapters for this series. The next two chapters introduce Nao's rival, Miyabi.

My personal copy of the second volume of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara has arrived, so all I need are the Tankoubon raws to appear online. I can do scripts like I did with Mai-Otome Arashi in the meantime. If the RAWs don't appear when I'm done with Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou, then I'll take matters into my own hands and scan the book myself with my paltry skills. In any case, feel free to send an e-mail if you happen to find the Tankoubon RAWs so that I may begin work at once. n_n

New: Koi Neko ch02-04
Nao and Shinta go on a date.

I'll be working on the rest of the first volume of this series before moving on to a different project. Just four more chapters to edit. n_n

New: Neko de Gomen! ch02
Yayoi and Minoru go on a date...

New: Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch02
A precursor chapter to the upcoming serving of insanity for the future chapters.

New: Koi Neko v01 ch01
A new series. The chapters are quite short, so it'll be like Neko Kissa as something extremely fun to work on between other releases.

New: Catling ch03; Neko Kissa ch03
An extra side-story with the EVIL magical battler, Catlung. Unfortunately, this is also her last appearance.

It seems like Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou's second chapter is going to require a little more work in comparison to Neko de Gomen's second chapter, so I'll probably finish Neko de Gomen's second chapter before venturing into Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou's second chapter.

Finally, Ichinensei ni Nacchattara's second volume has been released.

New: Gachax2 "Secret" v16 ch55 (The End)
Well, that's it for Gacha Gacha. Did it before the 2nd volume of Ichinensei was released, surprisingly enough.

Well, I somehow managed to accumulate a lot of projects. I tried various release styles the last couple of years:
#1: Random circulation of each series with a release for multiple chapters at the same time or as soon as a chapter was finished.
#2: A focus on a particular series, releasing multiple chapters either at the same time or when each chapter is finished.

I've noticed negative feedback when I tried either of those methods in the past. Though, I'll probably stick to something like the random circulation strategy for now.

I'm going to release the following in this order:

Neko Kissa ch03
Catling ch03
Koi Neko ch01
Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch02
Neko de Gomen! ch02

I'll stop here since Ichinensei's second volume should be released at some point. Except for "Neko de Gomen!" and "Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou", the chapters for all of these stories are pretty short.

New: Kimama ni UpDown ch03
Natsumi vs Chikan-man.

Okay, now to put the final nail in Gachax2's coffin. It's nearly been three years since I began this project. How time flies.

New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch54
Some extra characters make a cameo appearance...

Alas, one more chapter left before this series is finally over.

New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch53; Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou ch01
The final filler chapter for Gacha Gacha and a new one volume project to keep me from going insane.


New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch52
Another southern island episode. Next up is another festival episode. After that will be another date episode... *kurun*


New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch29-30
Okitsune-sama de Chu is finished thus making it my second completed serial!
Kimama ni UpDown will take Okitsune-sama de Chu's position on the backburner as the manga who gets a chapter every other month. n_n;

Ichinensei ni Nacchattara's second volume is going to be released on June 28th. That leaves me with about 50 days to complete Gacha Gacha's last four chapters. Well, not like the RAWs will magically appear immediately following the release date, but it does make for a decent arbitrary goal.

Until next time, enjoy~!

New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch27-28
Two more chapters to go before I'm finished with this series.

New: Gachax2 "Secret" v16 ch51
Juvenile jealousy and paranoia abound. -_-;;

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch07
Finally finished with the final chapter of the first volume. The second volume should be released in about 2-4 months. n_n

Anyway, I'll be working on Gachax2 "Secret" now. Hopefully, I'll finish it before anything unfortunate happens.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch06
Iori is reunited with his little(?) sister... -_-;

Now to finish the last chapter.

New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch26
Tomoe and Himeko vs. Queen Pomera.

Probably should do the last two chapters of Ichinensei ni Nacchattara now.

New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch25
Queen Pomera debuts with a much needed plot to divert attention from the generic evil spirit of the week scenario. Yay, thanks!

New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch50; Goshujin-sama to Yobasetai
Finally finished with the 15th volume of Gachax2. Though, the final volume will continue with three more filler chapters before it even hints at a plot.

Also, another short story by Azuma Yuki is in the hentai section under the "Cheer up!" compilation. I'm still unsure if I'll work on the 7-part story.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch05
Just two more chapters left to go before I'm finished with this volume.

New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch24
Live-in Maid-san get!

"Tsukau gawa to Tsukawareru Gawa."

New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch49; Azuma Yuki: Reversible ch01-02
Finally overcame the 49th chapter of Gacha Gaha. Just one more chapter to go before I venture into the last volume.

Also, I added a new entry in the hentai scanlation section. It's a compilation of three stories by Azuma Yuki. It's a relatively tame work in comparison to the other H-scanlations I worked on in the past.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch04; Neko Kissa ch02
Touta and Miho make their debut. Obscene loli-drawings to disgust the loliphobes, yay!

It'll take a couple chapters before Neko Kissa becomes interesting. Particularly when Lucia is introduced.

New: Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch03
Takatou Iori's suffering continues.

New: Ichinensei ch02; Okitsune-sama de Chu ch23
Some more out of each respective series.

New: Gacha ch48; Ichinensei ch01; Narikiri Anko-chan; Neko Kissa ch01; Okitsune-sama ch22; Tsuttsukumon!
Sorry for the lengthy delay, Gamerkun is having some issues with his host yet again, so all of the new DLs are at savefile. =(

Gacha Gacha ch48: This chapter is brought to you by delicious cake: You must eat it! It was a pleasant surprise when Haceldama found the RAWs for the last volume a few weeks ago. Now there is nothing substantial that is preventing me from finishing this series. Yay.

Ichinensei ch01: A new series that I found to be somewhat amusing. It was either this or Soukai Kessen, and I thought that the loliphobes would be more interesting to disturb than the yaoiphobes. Takatou Iori, a high school ninensei, while on his way to school to confess his love to classmate Kusanagi Mikuru by means of a love letter, gets ran over by a truck to save a cute elementary schoolgirl.

Narikiri Anko-chan (One shot): An incredibly short story by Macchi. Download it here. The force compels you~!

Neko Kissa ch01: Another new series by Toto Nemigi who is a pretty cool mangaka. It's a yonkoma, which makes it a whole different kind of beast in comparison to my other projects. Milk and Lucia are my favourite characters, obviously.

Okitsune-sama de Chu ch22: The scans for this volume are perhaps the best I have ever worked with. Progress on this volume should be a cakewalk compared to the previous two volumes.

Tsuttsukumon! (Oneshot): A short story about a girl who is supposed to be a spirit medium, but her lack of self-discipline allows even the spirits of stray cats to take control of her body. Download it here.

2007/12/22 Mai-Otome Arashi ch04-07; Okitsune-sama de Chu ch21; Umi-chan's Friends
Mai-Otome Arashi
Sorry about the long wait. This began its magazine run since March, the Tankoubon was released during August, and the Tankoubon RAWs didn't appear online since November. Thanks to all parties who contacted me concerning the RAWs appearance online, you're all awesome. There's still the Super-H stories left to do, but I'm opting to work on them later.

Okitsune-sama de Chu
Thus ends the final chapter of volume 3. Just one more volume to go before I conquer this series.

Umi-chan's Friends
This is a short story included as the preface for the "Katte ni Kaizou" fanbook, a tome of delicious information discussing all aspects of Kumeta Kouji's serial. This particular story is like a children's picture book gone horribly wrong. =P
Download: Here
I love "Katte ni Kaizou"; however, my meagre knowledge of Japanese culture and my inept writing skills severely prohibits my ability to do such a complex series justice.

Gachax2 v16 has been released several days ago thus ending the "Secret" arc. Also, Tamakoshi Hiroyuki's first volume of "Que Sera Sera" has been released this month. Since most of my projects have a foreseeable demise in the horizon. This shall give me enough freedom to reconsider my projects.

Neko de Gomen: I already did the first chapter out of this. I'll seriously continue it as my main project after I finish Gacha Gacha.

Catling: I was hoping to finish the rest of the chapters last March, but the sheer amount of tedium required to edit magazine scans in high quality caused me to edit the pages in sparse increments. I'll probably revert to a much lazier approach so I can finish this serial. Speaking of which, Nekobyou Neko's first tankoubon was compiled last October by Enterbrain based off the TRPG Night Wizard called, "Night Wizard Variable Witch." I ordered a copy, but it seems that the stock has run out so I'll have to wait until later. How vexing.

Kimama ni UpDown: This is a pretty short series. Possibly take Okitsune-sama's old position as the backburner story.

Gestalt: I have scripts written for all of volume one and part of volume two. I was contacted last December by Izumi of Mangascreener if I wanted to help them revive their dropped serials, which included Gestalt. The scans I had were pretty terrible, so I accepted. Unfortunately, I do not know the outcome of the situation with their scanner, so this project will be stalled for the foreseeable future.

Neko Kissa: I was faithfully following this series by Toto Nemigi for a couple years. Delightfully, the RAWs for the first three volumes appeared online. It's a yonkoma manga, so it can act as a delicious diversion since each segment is a mere 8 pages long.

There's a couple other manga I wouldn't mind working on, but I should wait until I finish my current projects before making any form of nonverbal commitment.

2007/12/10 Mai-Otome Arashi ch03
I want to study under the Graceburt school of martial arts. '~'

2007/11/28 Mai-Otome Arashi ch02
In Schwartz, moon whips you.

2007/11/25 Mai-Otome Arashi ch01
Thanks for being patient. The second chapter's progress is proceeding along smoothly. So long as the editing doesn't become cumbersome, I should finish this in a timely manner.

Also, Gacha Gacha v16 is due to be released on the 17th of December.

2007/11/20 Okitsune-sama de Chu ch20
After a great hurdle of inconveniences, I'm finally back to the scanlation scene with a new chapter for Okitsune-sama de Chu. One more chapter to go for volume 3.

Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me concerning Mai-Otome Arashi. The tankoubon raws were released a short while ago and I'm now initiating the editing process for the first chapter. The high-quality RAWs more than make up for the wait. Thanks for bearing with me.

2007/10/26 Kimama ni Up-Down v01 ch02
Ami-chan is my hero.

2007/10/18 Okitsune-sama de Chu ch19
Thus concludes this arc of Okitsune-sama de Chu. The rest of the chapters follow the old "monster of the week" scenario before introducing the final story arc.

2007/10/17 Gachax2 "Secret" v15 ch47
Freedom looms on the horizon. Tamakoshi wrote in his blog that he's done with Gacha. The final volume should be released around December.

Now to hope that the ending isn't absolutely lame. -_-

2007/10/09 Okitsune-sama de Chu v03 ch18
One more chapter until this arc of the story is over. The last two chapters in this volume revisit to the old formula.

As can be noticed, I created pages for both "Neko de Gomen!" and "Kimama ni UpDown".

Since I created some confusion because of my carelessness, I put up the cover for Mai-Otome Arashi. I didn't do this earlier because I wasn't 100% sure what will be in it, but I have a fairly good estimate now. Anyway, what I need to continue that project is the the tankoubon RAWs, not the magazine RAWs. Apologies to everyone who e-mailed me up to now regarding this issue.

2007/10/07 New: Neko de Gomen! v01 ch01

Help me,
help me,
help meeee!

2007/10/04 New: Gachax2 "Secret" v15 ch46
Finally back to this series. Now to hope that someone uploads Mai-Otome Arashi's RAWs online sometime in the future. =D

I'm still going to focus on Okitsune-sama de Chu since I'm approaching the last half of volume 3, but it's nice that I have some variety in the projects I work with now.

2007/10/01 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch17
Tomoe strikes again with her... massage...chair...

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about the Gacha Gacha v15 RAWs appearing a while back. Thanks to Haceldama, I'm in the process of finishing the remainder of chapter 46. Though, I was working on the editing for 3 different series simultaneously, and Okitsune had the shortest number of pages so naturally I finished that one first.

Also, due to some odd term violation in regards to linking to adult material, the hentai .html page is gone for now. -_-;

2007/09/19 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch16
Sakurabashi Himeko debuts finally. Also, the sexual dimorphism between male and female blanket octopuses is much wider according to National Geographic. Males are 2.4cm while the females can grow to over 2m.

2007/09/16 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch15
A second helping of plot to an otherwise ridiculous fanservice-riddled tale.

2007/09/08 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch14
This series finally begins its plot arc. Also the chapters are now shorter than the previous volumes, so I'll probably be able to release them at a steadier pace now that I conquered all of the auxiliary pages of chapter fourteen.

2007/08/29 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch13
Koko's little sister debuts. Thus marks the end of the second volume. The third volume introduces a plot that adds a little more depth to the "evil-spirit of the week" formula. Just two more volumes left to do before I'm done with this series.

Speaking of Sumino Yuuji, the new serial he began in Champion RED magazine is over, but I don't believe he managed to churn out enough content for it to be compiled into a Tankoubon yet.

2007/08/19 New: Mahou Zakkaten Vi Via ch02
I believe I began working on this chapter last March. Magazine scans truly are time-consuming to clean. Unfortunately, I was quite minimalistic compared to the recommendations of the guides posted on the mangahelper's message board.

It doesn't seem like Arashi's or Gacha Gacha's RAWs have appeared yet online. It'll be a while before I take the situation seriously by harrassing Krotch or trying to learn how to scan it myself.

2007/08/04 New: Kimama ni UpDown ch01
A short series from the early to mid 80s about a middle schoolgirl and her super aging pills.

Tjohnta, a native Japanese speaker who was looking to practice his english, contacted me a year ago providing the raws and a script for about 45% of the first chapter. I finally found time to finish it, however I don't think I'll do the rest of the book any time soon though.

You can download it here .

2007/08/01 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch12
Moji battles against a Shinsengumi buff. 9_9

I've been scanlating for a little over two years now... well, it's preferable to wandering the streets and wrecking havoc on the mobile vulgus. Being introverted rocks!

2007/07/22 New: Kemono Cafe Menu 02-05
Another short story by Sakuraniku Umatarou along with the Morning, Lunch, and Dinner Special Menus.

Hentai-manga DL stats:
Motoani: 19275
Pet Broker: 15181
Red Zone: 9375
Mairandohatsuten: 7708
Ch01: 10546
Ch02: 6657
Kemono Cafe
Menu 01: 3376
Menu 16: 5234
Menu 17: 4108

It seems number of downloads is mostly based on how high an item is on the list. n_n;

2007/07/19 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch11
Gacha Gacha v15 has been released, it will only be a matter of time before the RAWs turn up somewhere. Volume 13 was scanned by Krotch and Volume 14 was procured by the members of Gotlurk fairly quickly.

Speaking of which, Tamakoshi Hiroyuki has begun a new serial in the seinen magazine Super Jump called "Que Sera Sera".

2007/07/13 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch10
Half-way through this volume. Speaking of which, in Champion RED magazine, Sumino Yuuji is working on a new serial called "Princess wa Mimodaeru".

Gachax2 v15 should be released soon. I think I can manage at least another chapter out of Okitsune-sama de Chu before the Gachax2 v15 RAWs begin circulating.

2007/07/05 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch09
This is the first time I did two consecutive chapters of this series. Which is surprising, considering my dismissing it to the back ever since I began working on it. o_o

2007/06/27 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch08
Finally back to this fanservice riddled tale. I had a difficult time trying to accept this is a seinen series until someone brought up a fitting genre called "man-boy" seinen for intellectually stunted men. Thankfully, I'm not really the type who is concerned about impressing my peers with my choice of reading material.

Anyway, Gacha v15 is due to be released on the 17th of July. So, that leaves me 20 days of freedom from that series. Which also leaves me about 44 days of freedom from Mai-Otome Arashi. Maybe I can beans some more Okitsune-sama chapters in the meanwhile. n_n;

2007/06/19 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch45
Jya-jyan! Finally completed the 14th volume of Gachax2 "Secret". That makes 9 volumes and at least 1620 pages of work in less than 2 years.

Thanks for reading!

2007/06/04 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch44
Just one more chapter before I'm done with this volume. I would've finished this chapter sooner, but I've fallen prey to the allure of "Super Marisa World" by Double Cluster. Still stuck on 6-1-1 of Eientei which is obviously a sign of my inept skill.

2007/05/23 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch43
Just two more chapters before I'm done with this volume.

Mai-Otome Arashi ended on its seventh chapter, the tankoubon release is slated at the 8th of August. There's a little more than 150 pages of content, I'm assuming that they'll probably include some of Satou Kenetsu's other works like the superH chapters or maybe something else. Anyway, this gives me about a two month period to prepare. Gachax2 volume 15 should be released between July and August as well.

Also, Gamerkun moved to a new server which provides a much more generous supply of bandwidth compared to the old one by approximately 25 times.

2007/05/17 New: Kemono Cafe Menu01
Another short story by Sakuraniku Umatarou. Thus my update for this week has been fulfilled. Only have one more super short Kemono Cafe chapter to use as a sacrifice.

Once Mai-Otome Arashi's tankoubon comes out, I'll probably be able to do chapters pretty consistently. The story seems like it'll last for only a single volume, unless they actually implement enough ideas to keep up the precedent for another five volume series.

2007/05/10 New: Kemono Cafe Menu17
Just a short 12 page chapter featuring the characters from menu 16 with an additonal character called Fele. Well, I'll try to aim for weekly updates this month, even if I have to resort to releasing short chapters. =P

2007/05/05 New Gachax2 "Secret" v14 ch42; Mai-Otome Zwei Comic Book ch01: Mai-Otome superH 2
Okay, April was a barren wasteland as far as updates are concerned. Apologies to those who bother to visit this page every day. I'm not feeling verbose at all so I hope the two new chapters will suffice in the meantime.

2007/03/28 New Gachax2 "Secret" v14 ch41
Realised that 3-4 hours per page on Catling is an ordeal I should leave for later. Thus, I went back to work on Gacha Gacha. -_-

Del Ray finally took a step into the "Secret" arc a couple months ago. I had my doubts concerning whether or not they would venture into the second arc. Well, they should catch up with me near the end of 2008. Don't know what I'm going to do when they finally run in symmetry with me. A thought I'll have ample time to ponder upon.'~'

Also, Satou Kenetsu is starting up a new Mai-Otome series "Mai-Otome Arashi". This time, I'll try to get a head start and do scripts for the magazine scans so that I have less work to do when the Tankoubon comes out. n_n;

2007/03/09 New Hentai: Kemono Cafe Menu 16
This is a chapter of a collection of short stories by Sakuraniku Umatarou. The content is fairly tame yet strange enough to interest me. Everything is divided by 17 menus, though Menus 3-5 are merely illustrations.

Gachax2 "Secret" v14 RAWs have been found thanks to the folks at gotlurk . They're having a donation drive in order to maintain their bots. Also, my progress for the Catling magazine chapters have been progressing slowly, so I'll be struggling to finish the last four chapters of that series.

2007/02/27 New: Gachax2 ch37-40; Miniature (oneshot)
It's finished, enjoy~

Volume 14 has been released over a week ago, I do not have my own copy but someone did send me magazine scans for chapters 41-45. I can do scripts until quality tankoubon scans appear online. Krotch was kind enough to scan volume 13 for me, but I want to at least give volume 14 a chance to see if it'll show up on its own.

You can help seed the torrent here: Gachax2_Secret_v13.torrent

2007/01/22 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch07
The first volume is complete, hip hip hooray! Only three more volumes to go before this project is complete. Speaking of Sumino Yuuji, he did a chapter for a Mai-Otome anthology for Champion RED magazine along with several other authors including Satou Kenetsu who did a short continuation of the Mai-Otome Super H. Too bad all of the chapters besides Kenetsu's wasn't based off the Mai-Otome manga as far as I could ascertain.

I might scanslate a couple of the Mai-Otome Anthology chapters after I finish Gacha Gacha v13 along with the Catling chapters. Also, Gacha Gacha v14 is going to be released this February so let's see if the raws will come out this time without me having to post up pleas for help.

2007/01/19 New: Gacha Gacha ch37
Special thanks goes to Krotch for making this release possible by taking the effort to scan in his own copy. There's only four chapters in this volume along with a oneshot that really has nothing to do with Gacha Gacha called "Miniature". The magazine has proceeded past chapter 45 so volume 14 should be released in the coming months.

2007/01/05 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch06
Another chapter out of this crazy series. Just one more chapter to go before the first volume is complete.

My output is going to slow down as I am going to evaluate the situation with Gachax2 "Secret" in the next several days. I'll update the project page accordingly when I acquire the necessary data I need. Even though the wait has been long, it'll make waiting between tankoubon releases less strenuous since the 14th volume should be due in the next couple months.

2006/12/25 New: Catling ch01; Koko ni Iru Suiren Omake; Mai-Otome ch36-44; Wonderful ch01-02
This is the conlusion to this series. Took me over a year to do this series and I apologise for most of the inconsistencies that have popped up over those many months. So, while the bulk-work is done, I can always re-work the text to perfection at my leisure.

Koko ni Iru Suiren Omake
Only about 2 pages of text and 4 additional colour scans. I've been procrastinating on this for over a year and now it's finished. I'll probably go over this book and fix the chapters with some minor errors and possibly cut down on their bulky file-size in the process at my leisure.

A short oneshot series, Kona says it's like Okitsune-sama but less cute. Well, it's a shoujo manga so it probably might appeal to a different crowd altogether. The magazine scans probably need further fixing due to the bad tones and blurry pages but that might be something I can do later at my leisure.

Two chapters of this short hentai work by Mikage Baku that appeared in the Monthly Comic MOOG. A bit tamer than what I normally prefer to work on though.

Gacha Gacha
Due to the lack of high-quality tankoubon scans available on japanese p2p, I can't work on this project until my personal copy arrives in the mail. I'll most likely do scripts for it but I don't know for sure if I care to go through the debinding process of what cost me 700 yen (Including unit shipping). So, unless something miraculous happens, expect further news on this somewhere in January.

Okay, that's it for this update, thank you.

2006/11/23 STATUS UPDATE
In order to try something a little different, instead of working on each chapter of Mai-Otome individually, I finished the scripts for all of Volume 05. Some of the chapters look like they're going to be extra tedious in the editing department so I doubt if this change in policy will speed up the intervals between chapters too much. Actually, it might give me even more opportunity to deviate myself to my other interests. This update has been brought to you by cartharsis: the liberation of emotional tension. =)

2006/11/19 New: Mai-Otome ch35
Thus concludes the fourth volume of Mai-Otome. Hmm, it seems highly unlikely that I'll finish this series before the end of this year.

2006/11/12 New: Mai-Otome ch34
10 more chapters left to do from this series. Nothing much else for me to say at the moment except that I have made exceptional progress on ch35 at the time of this posting.

2006/11/09 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch05
Another chapter out of this series, two more chapters to go before I'm finished with the first volume.

2006/11/05 New: Mai-Otome ch33
Arika goes through an extreme bout of post-traumatic stress disorder. Scripts for the next chapter are nearly complete along with a complete script for the next chapter of Okitsune-sama de Chu so let's see if I can use this oportunity to get things rolling.

Also, while I didn't find time to reply to the e-mail yet, thanks to everyone that gave their opinion of the Gestalt chapter, probably the most vocal response I received since I began scanlation. Unless something horrible happens to me, I'll probably continue it after finishing off Mai-Otome which consists of only 11 more chapters. =)

2006/10/25 New: Mai-Otome ch32; Choujyuu Densetsu Gestalt ch02
Arika and Nina VS MAI. A pretty short chapter, let's see if I can finish another chapter before the month is over.

It seems that I was wrong in assuming that there wouldn't be a Mai-Otome Zwei Manga... well, I was right in that Kenetsu isn't going to be doing it; instead, it's being done by Abeno Chako, published in Champion RED magazine and it's about as ecchi as the Mai-Otome Super-H chapter from a while back. I don't know if it's following the anime or writing its own story. The strangest thing was when Arika dreams and Mashiro (manga-male version) appears in it and causes Arika to undress Mashiro (anime-version) to confirm if it was true.

Oh, a chapter I started up last september is available, Choujyuu Densetsu Gestalt. A fantasy-comedy manga by Kouga Yun who is known for her Earthian and Loveless series. I did the second chapter as a favour for a friend. I don't have a project page up for it yet, but you can D/L it: here . Do not e-mail me asking where to get the first chapter. o_o

2006/10/12 New: Mai-Otome ch31
Well, I'm back with the 31st chapter of Mai-Otome. Nina and Arika vs. Mikoto... Mashiro-hime hasn't shown her trump card and is now shaping up to become quite a formidable villain.

Updated the Okitsune-sama de CHU page with the chapter numbers for the last volume of the story. I'm looking forward to what Sumino Yuuji presents to us next. I'm also looking forward to Satou KenEtsu's next original story Seikon no Quasar being published in Champion RED Magazine. Gachax2 volume 13 is scheduled to be released on the 17th of October, hopefully Tamakoshi does something interesting since the only thing the 12th volume had was nice art.

Well, sorry to have kept you all waiting. I'll see if I can rectify the situation soon. n_n;

2006/10/01 New: Mai-Otome ch30
Only 14 chapters left before I'm finished with this series. I'll probably have to do about 4-5 a month if I want to finish before the year is over which might not be possible considering my erratic behaviour.

2006/09/26 New: Mai-Otome ch29
Here's another chapter of Mai-otome, reintroducing one of the first characters in the manga. The next chapter is going to be a lot of work to finish so I doubt if I can get it done at the usual rate.

Also, the 13th volume of GachaGacha is scheduled to be released next month.

2006/09/23 New: Mai-Otome ch28, Okitsune-sama de Chu ch04
Another chapter of Mai-Otome and Okitsune-sama, sorry to have kept you waiting. I'll see if I can work on Mai-Otome at a more steady pace now, although fight chapters are generally more time-consuming to work on than story chapters due to the amount of editing work required.

2006/09/14 New: Mai-Otome ch27, Hentai Scanlation (4)
The first chapter of volume four. The next chapter will set the stage with all of the big guns that have been introduced throughout this series. Thanks to everyone that has helped support this project up to this stage. =)

After much consideration, I decided to make the short hentai scanlation projects I did throughout the year available on this site. Just to give a fair warning, most of these stories are extreme in nature so just avoid that section if you find such material objectional. So far, the stories include: Mairandohatsuten, MotoAni, Pet Broker and Red Zone.

2006/09/04 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch36
The final volume that is available for Gacha Gacha "Secret" is finished. Now we all have to wait a couple months until the next one is released. So to rearrange my projects, it'll be something like this:
Mai-Otome (Main)
Okitsune-sama de Chu (Alternate)
Gachagacha (Backburner)

In a little while, I'll upload a three volume torrent soon along with a torrent for the seven volumes of the "Secret" arc of Gachax2 once the Mai-Otome volumes become properly seeded.

Anyway, during this torrenting process, I'm going to organize my projects so the next thing I release will be delayed a little more than usual.

2006/08/30 New: Mai-Otome ch26
This is the last chapter out of volume 3 of Mai-Otome. The next volume'll begin with a good-bye chapter and then proceed into the final arc. Well, one can tell what is going to happen after reading this chapter.

2006/08/28 New: Mai-Otome ch25
Everyone's favourite androphobic, Erstin Ho, is here in yet another fanservice chapter. Pao~n. Oh, the next chapter is past the translation stage and is now being edited, the last chapter before the longest arc in the series (which lasts about 18 chapters in of itself, I think).

I've been getting e-mails about some chapters missing from savefile, this is a technicality on the savefile staff's side trying to weed out bugs. Please bear with us until everything is resolved, thank you.

2006/08/24 New: Okitsune-sama de Chu ch03
Some more exuberant fanservice in this chapter. I'm starting to believe the characters spend more time without clothes than they do wearing them...

Anyway, the savefile staff is currently fixing some errors in their database, so all of the project files will be uploaded as soon as they get most of the issues with their savefile v2 resolved. You can D/L the latest Gachax2 and Okitsune chapter as direct D/L for now.

2006/08/21 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch35
Another chapter of Gachax2, one more before we have to wait for the 13th volume to be released (Probably around September or October, hopefully).

I'll be working on a Okitsune-sama de Chu chapter before doing some more Mai-Otome. I doubt if I'll take as long as I did with the Gachax2 chapters.

Finally, Savefile has been experiencing some server downtime, I apologize for the undependable service we have been providing so thanks for being patient.

2006/08/13 New: Gachax2 "Secret" ch34
Finally back into this series, another chapter that features sexual molestation... Probably my least favourite chapter out of volume 12, the next two more than make up for this one though. =)

The Mai-Otome page has been updated to reflect the addition of the 5th volume of Mai-Otome which is the final volume in this series so once I get some content for Gachax2 and perhaps Okitsune-sama de Chu, I'll go back to finishing it up. The fourth volume of Okitsune-sama de Chu came out last July but I have yet to receive my copy of it so I'm uncertain of how many chapters it contains.

2006/08/10 Announcement: Files Moved
We were hoping to postpone this spectacular event until later, however the D/L rate has shot up to 2.0+ times the original rate of previous usage. It only took 9 days, we were expecting to survive until next tuesday (15). Anyway, the reward for the leechers is that Gamerkun uploaded all the files to Savefile, the links to the project pages has replaced the dedicated links for the files. If you find a corrupt file or something, please e-mail me and I'll try to resolve it. Thanks.

2006/08/06 New: Mai-Otome ch24
Arika vs. Akira.

The final chapter in this arc. I hope you had fun reading Mai-Otome because I'll now be working on my other projects. The next two chapters in volume 3 are going to feature a lot of Erstin and Haruka so if you like those characters... heh heh. n_n

2006/08/03 New: Mai-Otome ch23
Rena vs. Akira.

The next chapter is the final one in this arc. So once I'm done with that one, I'll be taking a break on Otome in favour of my other projects.

2006/08/01 New: Mai-Otome ch22
Midori vs. Akira.

The 5th tankoubon of Mai-Otome is due to be released on the 8th of August. Furthermore, the script for chapter 23 of Mai-Otome is finished so all that's left is to edit it in. So expect that sometime soon as well. =)

2006/07/28 New: Mai-Otome ch21
The precursor chapter to the fight between Schwarz and Chaldea. This arc is going to continue strongly for 3 more chapters. I'll be working exclusively on this arc until the end. =)

2006/07/28 Announcement: Server Switch
Thanks to the benevolence that is Gamerkun, the manga for most of my series is now up. All of my regular series have been archived except for the unproofread chapter 21 of Mai-Otome.

July 30th will mark the day I uploaded my first editted scanlation. Sadly, I've been too busy to work on any surprises for it but having http downloads might be good enough for now. =)

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