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Okitsune-sama De Chu is the first manga series by Sumino Yuuji published in Champion RED Comics. Besides his love for Manga and Biking (Offroad), he has an interest in:
Girl's panties
Girl's brassiere
Girls naked
If this bothers you in any way, you should turn back now before your soul becomes completely consumed down to its bitter core (laughs).

Our protagonist, Moji Shimeta, just so happens to fulfil the stereotype for being a worthless human. His inability to carry out a conversation has left him at the bottom of the barrel as far as friends are concerned.

That Shimeta fell in love with the school idol Ishikawa Yuuko, however that kind of love is absolutely, perfectly, and completely impossible. During this time, the messenger of the gods, Osaki, appeared to grant Moji's request with a price attached concerning Moji's cooperation in catching some runaway evil spirits. However to catch them all, Osaki uses Moji as a vessel to become a servant of Uganomitamanokami (aka Inari) called Youko. Lots of Ecchi situations and humiliation abound at Moji's expense.

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Volume 04
Okitsune-sama de Chu v04 Ch22 Ch23 Ch24 Ch25 Ch26 Ch27 Ch28 Ch29 Ch30
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Haceldama - For providing the RAWs for volume 2 and 3, and for his continued support and comments since the beginning.
Kona - For proofreading and quality-checking.
MKoR - For spotting errors for ch14, 18, 21, and 26.

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