Current Work:

  • Current Version: 0.3
    • Prologue (104kb): 100% (First Draft)
    • Master Route (82kb): 100% (First Draft)
    • Kyoumi Route (263kb): 0%
    • Common Route (250kb): 0%
    • Maho Route (348kb): 0%
    • Shizuki Route (340kb): 0%
    • Tomoha Route (281kb): 0%
    • Hiro Route (29kb): 100% (First Draft)
    • Hino Route (298kb): 0%


    Genre: Psuedo-Yuri TSF Comedy ADV

    Because of a birthday present from his best friend, Masumi finds himself as the opposite gender in a different time period the day after his birthday. In order to return to his former time and gender, Masumi needs someone that is fully convinced that he is male as his girlfriend.

    (Despite most of the endings having Masumi return to normal, there are only two H-scenes with Masumi as a male. A relatively penis-free work.)



    Purchase Instructions:
    This work needs a serial number that requires an internet connection only for the initial activation. It's highly recommended to register an account before purchasing.
    If you have any questions or problems, please let me know!

    Click "カートに入れる".
    Click "会員登録はコチラ(無料)".
    Fill out just the following (ignore everything else):

  • 1) ログインID (Login ID: 4-16 characters lower-case)
  • 2) ログイン名 (Login Name: up to 15 characters)
  • 3a) パスワード (Password: 4-16 characters lower-case)
  • 3b) パスワード再入力 (Re-enter Password)
  • 4a) メールアドレス (E-mail Address)
  • 4b) メールアドレス再入力 (Re-enter E-mail Address)
  • 5) 生年月日 (Birth Year/Month/Day)

  • Click "会員規約に同意し次へ進む" to proceed.
    Click "登録" to register an account.
    Check your e-mail in 48 hours, and click the link in the e-mail to finalise your registration.
    Click "ログインページ" to go to the log-in page. Enter your Log-in ID and password, and click "ログイン".
    Click "カートを見る" to go to your cart.
    Click "クレジットカード決済" to purchase the work with a credit-card.
    Enter your e-mail address twice, and click "確認画面へ".
    Enter card numbers, date of expiration, and the 3 secure numbers, and click "購入する".
    From here, you will go through the payment process, and then proceed to the download link and serial number.




    Extract "Osumesu_Patch_[Taruby]" in the game directory ("おすめす☆たいむすりっぷ!"). Run "おすめす☆たいむすりっぷ.exe".

    Warning: saves from previous versions will probably crash your game! Go to "savedata" folder, and delete the ".sav" files before playing any future versions if your game starts crashing.


    Haceldama - For advice and feedback.
    Proger_XP (Homepage) - For mjarc tools.
    Haeleth (Homepage) - For MJDev tools.
    STUDIO twoG[SHINO] (Homepage) - For fonts.

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