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Mai Otome

Mai-Otome is a manga by: (Original Work) Yatate Hajime, (Scenario) Higuchi Tatsuto, (Scenario) Yoshino Hiroyuki, and (Art) Satou KenEtsu, published by Shounen Champion. It is the sequel to Mai-HiME set in an alternate universe which places the characters in different roles.

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A torrrent for volume 1, 2 and 3 is available here: Mai-Otome_v1-3_[Taruby] .
Thank you. =)

Volume 01 Volume 02 Volume 03
Mai-Otome v01 Ch01 Ch02 Ch03 Ch04 Ch05 Ch06 Ch07 Ch08 Mai-Otome v02 Ch09 Ch10 Ch11 Ch12 Ch13 Ch14 Ch15 Ch16 Ch17 Mai-Otome v03 Ch18 Ch19 Ch20 Ch21 Ch22 Ch23 Ch24 Ch25 Ch26
ISBN# 4253210511 ISBN# 425321052X ISBN# 4253210538
Volume 04 Volume 05 Zwei Comic Book
Mai-Otome v04 Ch27 Ch28 Ch29 Ch30 Ch31 Ch32 Ch33 Ch34 Ch35 Mai-Otome v05 Ch36 Ch37 Ch38 Ch39 Ch40 Ch41 Ch42 Ch43 Ch44 Zwei Comic Book Ch01 Ch02 Ch03 Ch04 Ch05 Ch06 Ch07
ISBN# 4253210546 ISBN# 4253210554
Mai-Otome Arashi
Mai-Otome Arashi Ch01 Ch02 Ch03 Ch04 Ch05 Ch06 Ch07 SH01 SH02
ISBN# 4253210562


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